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Chuck Payne



Hi! My name is Chuck Payne and I'd like to welcome you to my website to learn something about me and how I may be able to help you with your spiritual journey.


First a little about myself. In 1994, I met my wife Diana at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, in Ohio. We were married in 1995 and have been living happily ever after ever since. We have five amazing granddaughters and four great grandsons. The youngest three spend a lot of time at our house in Toledo, Ohio. They are looking over my shoulder as I write!      


Diana and I on our honeymoon in Maine

Diana and I on our Honeymoon in Maine.




At one time I just wanted to be a cowboy:

Chuck Payne


I come from a large Catholic family. My Dad was in the US Army. When I was nine, we moved to Bavaria in Germany for three years. This was a mind broadening experience for me. Back in the States, I started working at the age of twelve, delivering newspapers, and soon discovered that this was not the job for me! Too much work for $4 a week. So I took up shining shoes for soldiers on the Army Base and within two years I was making $25 a night. Pretty good money for those days (1955). 


In 1956, I left home for good. I entered the high school seminary at the University of Notre Dame and seven years later had a BA in Philosophy. In the summers, we spent our time at Land O' Lakes Wisconsin where I learned to sail and even taught sailing back at Notre Dame. I never missed a home football game during that time which were not the best years for Notre Dame football. I remember helping Johnny Huarte with a summer Statistics course in 1963. The next year he won the Heisman Trophy! 


In 1964, I entered the US Air Force Officer Training School in Austin, Texas. After a year as a Second Lieutenant in Biloxi, Mississippi, studying electronics, I was stationed in Japan for two years. My son there is married with two teenage sons. I then ended up at Travis AFB in California. I left the Air Force as a captain in 1968 to enter the UC Berkeley, School of Optometry. I was married there in 1970 (received an anullment five years later). After graduation, before partnering with an older Optometrist who turned out to be a great mentor, I realized that we would never have another opportunity like this. 


So we took six months off and literally travelled around the world, visiting 26 countries, including the Holy Land, buying a German car and driving it 6000 miles around Europe, including Bayreuth, the little city where my family had lived in Germany. 


I spent the next twenty years as a Doctor of Optometry in northern California. I liked being my own boss. And I loved California. The skiing and hiking were fantastic in the mountains, and on the other hand, the ocean was never far away either. (During those years, I did more than one Rotary program with the slides from that journey around the world.) 


On January 18, 1974, I had a profound religious experience. My first wife and I separated in 1975 and we received an annulment from the Church 11 months later. During that time I was in the Trappist Monastery at Vina, California. I left the Trappists because I felt God telling me that He wanted me to "go back into the world and tell people about my mother." After six months studying theology in New Orleans, Louisiana, with the Holy Cross Fathers, I returned to Sacramento California and  worked for another Optometrist. In 1982, I took two months off and travelled to Europe visiting and photographing major Marian Shrines like Fatima, Lourdes and the tomb of Bernadette in Never, France, where her incorrupt body lies in a glass coffin (see picture:

Bernadette. At 140 Rue du Lubac in Paris I visited St. Catherine Labore's incorrupt body. I was also able to travel to Rome and shake hands with Pope John Paul II during his Wednesday audience in St. Peter's Square!


Most of my time, however, I spent in a small village in northern Spain, San Sebastian de Garabandal, where the Blessed Virgin Mary is said to have visited four teenage girls from 1960 to 1964, and to have given the world some major prophecies that are most compelling for our own time 50 years later. It was hearing about this that triggered my above mentioned conversion experience. In New York I met one of the visionaries, Conchita, who asked me to help her brother take her three daughters to the village, which I did. Six weeks later I helped bring them back to New York and as I was back two weeks early, stayed in Conchita's home! I have been doing a two hour slide show on Marian apparitions ever since. If you would like to schedule a presentation in the Toledo, Ohio area please contact me by email:  .  For the full story:  Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel


I then started my own private practice in Granite Bay, California, (Sacramento metropolitan area), which I sold in 1992 in order to pursue a theological career. People ask me why I made the switch and I just tell them that it's not that big of a change. "I've been helping people "see" for twenty years!"


I studied theology at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo, California, then moved to Steubenville, Ohio in 1994. In 1997, I received my Masters Degree in Theology with a catechetical specialty from the Franciscan University of Steubenville. I was a Director of Religious Education first in Florida for two years, then in Toledo, Ohio, until July, 2008. I now do several volunteer teaching and service works at Most Blessed Sacrament Parish in Toledo, Ohio.


Please feel free to explore my Spiritual Treasury and Spiritual Articles pages. These are continually updated. Come back again!  


If you knew how much God loved you, as if you were the only one, you would die of happiness!

Chuck Payne